It is with great pomp and circumstance that we announce the Headline Politics Democrat Turkey Awards (DTAs) – in which we reward those outstanding Democrats who contributed most to their party’s losing efforts in this past election.


It is an annual tradition here at Headline Politics, and by annual I mean this is the first time we’ve ever done this. And there’s no guarantee we do it again next year. But aside from that, it’s totally an annual tradition.

All winners will receive a non-personal thank you and a free one-year membership to our website. Which of course, is already free. It’s not about the monetary value, but the prestige that goes along with winning such an award.

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So without further ado, here are our five DTA recipients …

Nancy Pelosi


Serving as House Majority Leader, Nancy Pelosi was the face attached to two consecutive historic defeats in the midterm elections. Criticism, which Pelosi quickly labeled sexist, was directed at leadership in the House. One Democrat, who is apparently a sexist woman, said there was a “lack of a coherent and compelling message” emanating from Pelosi’s position.

Harry Reid


MSNBC commentator Chuck Todd blamed Reid and “how he ran the U.S. Senate” for some big losses suffered by Democrats on Election Day. Reid was primarily responsible for gridlock in Washington during President Obama’s tenure. Todd referred to it as “protect(ing) all these guys from taking tough votes.”

Reid failed to vote on dozens of job bills that had the potential to “create over a million new jobs, help families and small businesses by lowering gasoline and electricity prices, reduce our Nation’s dependence on foreign oil, and lower our national debt by generating over a billion dollars in new revenue.”

When Election Day came, Americans who recognized the job climate isn’t exactly improving much, sent Reid swiftly to the minority side.

Liberals Who Get Their News From Jon Stewart


Certainly we live in a world where news is culled primarily from headlines and sound bites. But that’s no excuse for liberals getting the bulk of their information from a show hosted by comedian Jon Stewart. A recent study shows that 17% of liberals and 11% of independents trust Stewart’s Daily Show the most for information about politics and current events.

Hillary Clinton


Politico referred to Bill and Hillary Clinton as “the most sought-after surrogates on the campaign trail this cycle. So what did their support get vulnerable Democrat candidates? Massive losses.

32 candidates backed by Bill or Hillary lost on Election Day. Senator Rand Paul tweeted outphotos of the losing Democrats campaigning with Hillary, which made for a busy night on Twitter. He would also state that “Somebody should ask Hillary Democrats why they got wiped out tonight.”

President Obama


Obama absolutely murdered any Democrat candidate’s chances of winning re-electionwhen he proclaimed that his “policies are on the ballot … every single one of them.”

With a President whose overall approval rating had been steadily tanking for some time, and a man who had been in the negative regarding nearly every major policy platform, Democrats must have immediately slammed their head on the desk upon hearing those words.

Obama himself acknowledged that he was responsible for massive losses in the election.

*       *       *       *        *

We hope you enjoyed the Headline Politics Democrat Turkey Awards (DTAs). And remember, even though all winners have to go through two years knowing they helped bring down the Democrat party, they still get to go home with a completely fake golden turkey award. Something to tell the grand kids about someday.

Congratulations to all our winners! Here’s hoping Democrats will continue to work hard letting Americans know how bad their policies are – economic and social, domestic and foreign – just by being themselves.

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