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Tucker Warns: Trump Capitol Protest Is Already Being Used as Pretext For Crackdown of Civil Liberties

We are barely exaggerating, to justify mind-bending, terrifying demands like these, they are relying on lies and hysteria’

Were President Trump's four years in office a success?



No one wants to live in a place like that or should have to no matter who the president is. We should be very concerned about all of this right now, these are the core concerns. Much more concerned about whether Donald Trump could claim he actually won of Pennsylvania or whatever.

The Trump protest of the capital yesterday is already being used as a pretext for an unprecedented crackdown on civil liberties.

In the last several hours, we have heard people in positions of power and authority demand those that support Donald Trump should no longer be allowed to publish books or use the Internet or fly on airplanes.

Driving cars, holding jobs, those will be next – we are barely exaggerating – to justify mind-bending, terrifying demands like these, they are relying on lies and hysteria.

What happened yesterday wasn’t simply that a political protest got out of hand after the president recklessly encouraged it — that is in fact what happened but it’s not what they are saying.

Instead, they are calling it domestic terrorism. CNN describes it as an insurrection, Chuck Schumer likened it to Pearl Harbor, it was our generation’s 9/11 and needless to say it was “White supremacy.”

To name a small example, the Berkshire School in Massachusetts, a boarding school that costs $64,000 a year to attend a sent a letter describing what happened as “These acts of violence and racism.” If you are a literal person tied to outdated western notions of linear thought and facts, that might confuse you — racism?

Whatever you thought about what happened yesterday, what was racist about it? Nothing of course, there was nothing racist about it, the Berkshire school is lying, so was everyone else on the left, why are they doing that?

Simple. They know if they keep saying it, history will record it as true. They understand the power of language and that is why they try to control language. They know words have consequences. This is scary.

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