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Tucker Shreds MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace For Suggesting Drone Strikes on Trump Supporters: One of the Craziest Things Said on Television

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> Tucker: Used to be, there was a time as they say, that most sane people believed that bombing American citizens with military drone strikes in this country because you don’t like their politics, a little over the top. Maybe a little too far. Maybe not the unity that we were looking for. But things have changed. Supporters of Donald Trump it turns out were so dangerous that maybe they do deserve hellfire missiles raining down on their homes.


>> We had a policy carried out under the Bush years and the Obama years of attacking terrorism at its roots. Going after and killing, and in the case of some terrorists with a drone strike for inciting violence, inciting terrorism. Mitch McConnell was in the Senate then. He’s in the Senate after 9-11 too. How does Mitch McConnell understand the way you root out terrorism is to take on in the case of Islamic terrorism, kill those that incite it, how does he not vote to convict someone on the floor of the Senate that incited an insurrection?

>> Tucker: We play a lot of over the top video on that news channel and that news anchor. Save that tape that will live forever as one of the craziest things said on cable television. It’s the sign of the moment we’re in. The question is how do we get out of that moment. Going to bring you in next a man that throughout this through. He’s the president for the center of American restoration, which is what we need. Thanks, Russ, for coming up.

>> Thanks for having me.

>> Tucker: We don’t need to make the case that we’re in an unprecedented same on television. How do we get out of it?

>> What is important, we need to stay on offense on these particular issues in which they’re pushing us at the front. These are the cultural issues, the America-first issues, the theme that you’ve talked for many years, tucker. That’s where the American people, the forgotten men and women, this is where they want their people in Washington to fight for them and not the business as usual four or five years ago. That’s what this center is about. We want to restore political consensus that we’re for god, for country and community. Only way out of this is to keep building that country and restore consensus in this country.


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