Tucker Mocks Obama Memoir: ‘He’s the Genius, You’re the Racist … Remember That’


Tucker reviews Obama’s memoir: “For the CliffsNotes, Barack Obama is a genius, you are a racist. Remember that.”


Tucker: This show can report conclusively tonight that former president Barack Obama does not have a self-esteem problem.

Obama is still in his 50s and has already written his second autobiography.

The new one drops next week with a thud. The book is 768 pages long. Congratulations if you can read the entire thing. You’ll be the only one.

We will save you the trouble tonight. For the CliffsNotes, Barack Obama is a genius, you are a racist. Remember that.

It has the feel of the old tire Obama presidency. He doesn’t seem to have learned a lot since then.

Here’s Barack Obama’s explanation — for millions of Americans spooked by a black man in the White House, even though he promised an elixir for their racial anxiety.

So Trump won because you’re a racist. That’s his acclamation.

Not because Obama himself presided over the death of the middle class, middle-income Americans became a minority in this country for the first time under Obama presidency.

It wasn’t that at all. No, not at all and it wasn’t because the Obama Administration accelerated the worst income inequality in our history.

Or that hundreds of thousands of rural Americans died of drug overdoses. Not at all.

Donald Trump won because America is an awful country. So says Barack Obama (in his memoir).

How did we ever elect this guy president twice in a row?

Well, because he threatened to call us names if we didn’t. Have we learned our lessons yet? Maybe it’s a bad idea to vote for people who use moral blackmail.

So let’s never do that again, what do you think?

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