Tucker Rips Adam Schiff: We Thought Meetings with Foreign Operatives To Get Dirt About a Political Opponent Was Treason



>> Tucker: Good evening, and welcome to “Tucker Carlson tonight.” We’ve got some stunning news for you about the ongoing Russia investigation. News that will challenge everything you thought you knew about the story. Yesterday, we showed you the terrifying extent to which Vladimir Putin’s sinister tendrils have encircled the America body politic, crushing the very life from this Republic. Russian agents are so intent on undermining our democracy, they’ve taken to promoting our own Bill of Rights back to us. The Second Amendment specifically. We admit, we aren’t exactly sure how that’s bad. But Adam Schiff has assured us it is. Because Schiff is a prominent member of Congress and often appears on cable news, we believe him.

Tonight, we’ve learned the foreign subversion goes deeper than that. The Russian conspiracy is so subtle, so crafty, such a bewildering Slavic hall of mirrors, the people warning us about Russia are key players in Russian conspiracy. The leaders of the witch hunts are witches. Sound impossible? Listen to this.

Last year, the director of national intelligence released a definitive report on the Russia product propaganda efforts in this country. The force of that is from the Russian cable channel RT America, which is run by the Putin government. They engage in anti-U.S. Messaging likely aimed at undermining the U.S. trust in democratic procedures.” Our government considers RT so dangerous that the channel has been forced to register as a foreign agent. RT employees who fail to register could face prison time. No outlet in this country has been ever been forced to do that. Who would go on to a channel like that, one whose sole agenda is to discredit and destroy the American experiment? No one other than Adam Bennett Schiff of Burbank, California.

You know him as Congressman Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, the man leading the charge against Putin’s propaganda machine — and yet, Adam Schiff was part of that machine. Seriously. Here’s an actual screenshot. We are not making this up. We can assure you that is indeed Adam Schiff, the one and only. In our appearance that we’ve reviewed, Adam Schiff’s appearance, Schiff seemed to promote conspiracy theories of the government, that the men and women of our allies who lay down their lives to keep us safe may be twisting information for their own purposes.

Here’s a quote: “We only see what the intelligence community wants us to see.” Adam Schiff said that on Russian television. There must’ve been applause in the Kremlin when he did.

But Schiff is not alone. Congressmen Jim Hines of Connecticut also appeared on Vladimir Putin’s television channel. On one occasion, he said this about the men in uniform and their civilian leaders.

“The invasion of Iraq, the great foreign policy mistake of the century.” In that background, you can almost hear Vladimir Putin cackling with glee.

Here you have two prominent members of Congress voluntary appearing on foreign propaganda outlets in order to undermine confidence in America’s core institutions. As they may put it, doing the bidding of a hostile foreign power. Tokyo Rose went to prison for that. We aren’t recommending prison at this point. That something grand juries will have to make after an investigation into all of this. That could take years, not that justice has a timetable.

In the meantime, Schiff and Hines must recuse themselves immediately from any role in the Russian investigation, including appearances on MSNBC’s primetime lineup. The special counsel will also take up the mysterious troubling case of the nonexistent photographs, this story broken by the Daily Mail hours ago. Adam Schiff had a phone call with Russian pranksters who promised him compromising photographs of Donald Trump with the Russian mob. Schiff said his office was not fooled by the prank. The phone logs show otherwise. After the call, Schiff’s office contacted somebody they believe was Ukrainian politicians seeking to set up a meeting at a foreign embassy where they could obtain those documents. Huh! Let’s see. Setting up meetings with foreign operatives with politically damaging information about a political component? We thought that was treason. Adam Schiff told us it was.

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