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Tucker Mocks Bernie, Claims He’s Pushing for the Unemployed to ‘Smoke a Ton More Weed’

Is the mainstream media corrupt?


>> We have a criminal justice system today that is not only broken, it’s racist, got more people in jail than any other country on Earth including China. One of the reasons for that is a horrific war on drugs.

>> Tucker: Oh, the war on drugs! Bernie Sanders talks about that in every speech he gives. A declining country with a sad underemployed middle class obviously needs to smoke a ton more weed. That’s Bernie’s solution. Fire up a bowl. Numb out. Maybe you won’t notice. So where is this weed going to come from? Bernie has a plan for that, too. Black people will sell it to you. No kid something watch this.

>> I’ll tell you what else we’re going to do. We’re going to provide help to the African American Latino Native American community to start businesses to sell legal marijuana rather than let a few corporations control the legalized marijuana market.

>> Tucker: That’s a real clip, by the way. So first they fill black neighborhoods with abortion clinics. Now the frontrunner is encouraging more black kids to sell drugs, this is the party that loves black America. Doesn’t sound like it. Whatever. Joe Biden changed the subject by making loud noises. Biden has lost his ability to speak clearly. That’s got to be frustrating for anyone. In Biden’s case, it has led to a series of rage eruptions.

>> Bernie hasn’t passed much of anything. The fact of the matter is — no, no, no.

>> I get to answer that.

>> The fact is —

>> You’re out of time.

>> I’m not out of time. You spoke over time and I’m going to talk. The fact of the matter is, look at what is happening here. Look what is happening here.

Rusty Weiss

Rusty Weiss is a freelance journalist focusing on the conservative movement and its political agenda. He has been writing conservatively charged articles for several years in the upstate New York area, and his writings have appeared in the Daily Caller, American Thinker,, Big Government, the Times Union, and the Troy Record. He is also Editor of one of the top conservative blogs of 2012, the Mental Recession.

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