CARLSON: “Finally happened. Jesus is now a hate crime. Last Friday a painting of the crucifixion was found outside the hillside Islamic center in New Hyde Park in New York. That’s it, just a painting of the crucifixion, it didn’t say ‘Death to Muslims’ on the back, it didn’t even say ‘Jesus saves.’ It’s just a painting. Nevertheless, it’s now in the hands of police. Nassau County cops are looking into the painting as, brace yourselves, a possible hate crime, presumably because it’s now hateful to remind people that Christianity exists. It’s hard to believe anyone is going to go to jail over this, so obviously we will keep you posted if anyone does. But that’s hardly the point here actually. Law enforcement has been so bullied by the Progressive thought police in this country that they felt obligated to investigate religious art as a crime. In other words, to play along with the fantasy that you can hurt somebody by expressing unfashionable views. Meanwhile, incidentally, murders go unsolved for lack of manpower. It’s a brave new world the left has created and almost nobody says anything about it.”