Tucker Hammers Immigration Advocate: Why Should We Put Up with the Majority of Immigrants Being on Welfare?


> Tucker: Federal law has long stipulated that immigrants cannot arrive in the United States and receive permanent residency if they become, quote, public charges who depend upon welfare, of course we learned optional. The Trump Administration is looking to change that the administration is drafting legislation penalize immigrants for receiving welfare programs head start chip and children’s health insurance program. The left of course is howling. Former press secretary for the democratic national committee and he joins us tonight. Jose, thanks for coming on.

>> Good to be here.

>> Tucker: What I find so interesting about the complaints here is that I know from doing the show every night and speaking to immigration advocates there are no immigrants on welfare. They are the most impressive people in our society. Add the most to our economy. Hardest working. None is a drain on the system. So, given that, I think have you told me that, too. Who cares if it’s illegal for them to go on welfare? Why would they be on welfare this they are adding so much to our economy.

>> This is the issue, tucker. And it’s this. We shouldn’t be punishing immigrants, legal immigrants, right, who pay taxes into our economy. Number one, if they are paying taxes they should be able to have benefits of social programs such as head start. We are now going to punish.

>> Tucker: Why? Why should they?

>> Let me tell you. We are now going to punish, you as a children, — U.S. Children born in this country, we are not going to allow them to come into head start because parents, legal immigrants are not going to want to put them in programs like head start because they are afraid they will be deported.

>> Tucker: I’m sure there have a lot of immigrants who want these programs. I get it, they will be unhappy with it. But the point is pleasing American citizens since it’s our country and not ours.

>> Still U.S. Citizens. It’s their country, too.

>> Tucker: The truth is, we can probably figure out how to do that for the children. But I’m not talking — I mean, you are picking a tiny percentage of. This it’s an important percentage.

>> Tucker: Figure out a fix. Most immigrant families are on welfare. This is one of the things that like advocates like you never admit when they’re lecturing so much more impressive than you are. Most are. If you brake it down by country the last numbers I have from 2009, the federal numbers, but some countries like 70% of the immigrants are on welfare. So, why would you be in favor of that if you are an American citizen? Bringing people in and putting them right on benefits that is not the American dream that we hear about at all.

>> Look, the immigration system in the United States is clearly broken. If you want to come and apply the legal way in the United States you already undergo a bunch of tests define if you are going to be a public charge. If you are go going to come into the United States you should not be a public charge you and I agree on that. What the president is doing wrong he is expanding — making it even harder for immigrants.

>> Tucker: Here are the numbers.

>> To assimilate.

>> Tucker: Maybe you will change your mind on this. This is from the current population survey from March 2010, okay? Here are the numbers from Mexico. Mexico is the country that sends the most immigrants to the United States by far. 74.7% as of 2009 immigrants from Mexico are on some form of welfare in the united States. Round up. That’s 75% of all immigrants from Mexico are on some kind of welfare. That’s ridiculous. So, and I think you just said you agreed that that was ridiculous.

>> We can change that.

>> Tucker: Fix that right now and say look if you want to be here and add to the sum total of the economy, great. You can’t go and go on our social programs. You can’t have open borders and welfare state, right.

>> You and I agree on this. Here is the issue. U.S. Citizen children are being punished because this revelation.

>> Tucker: Then take — the kids go to go head start which by the way has never been shown to work in 50 years. I’m not sure why you want that, but honestly. Whatever, let’s talk about the real problem which is the majority of immigrants are on welfare. Why would any country put up with that and why would the left defend it? I’m totally confused.

>> We are a country of laws and we are a country of immigrants. Majority of immigrants in this country are not criminals. You know that.

>> Tucker: I’m not saying they are criminals. I’m not sailing the majority are criminals. The majority are on welfare. That’s not healthy. Whole idea you move here and take advantage of the tiewngts.

>> We are now going to make it harder for them to assimilate in the country. That doesn’t make any sense.

>> Tucker: Going on welfare is not assimilation it’s dependency. Why would we import people from other countries on welfare. That’s insane, isn’t it.

>> I understand what you are getting at. The put forth not doing the point you want to make. The point we are trying to makes a Democrats children are being punished. Punish immigrants because they are poor.

>> Tucker: Punish them because they are poor. They are coming to our country.

>> In search of a better life.

>> Tucker: Search of better life and going on welfare programs? Are you joking? This is not the bring us your poor, tired, huddled masses where people come poor and work their way up in a tech company in silicon Valley. This is like the opposite of what we want. I think you would agree but you are defending it for some reason I don’t know why.

>> Coming from a bad place. Anti-immigrant racist agenda.

>> Tucker: When you guys have nothing left to say it’s race. If you don’t give us everything we want you are racist. I want to move to Mexico and accusing the authorities there of racism because they are not giving me free stuff. Seriously.

>> I’m talking about a president that has.

>> Tucker: I don’t care what the president. I’m a an American. I have a right to have some say, every American citizen does.

>> We all do, right.

>> Tucker: And like this is insane. It’s not whether whether the president is a racist or not. That’s not a real answer, is it.

>> The answer is let’s end chain migration as you guys like to call. End the Visa lottery and destroy the immigration system and deport 11 million people.

>> Tucker: We should have control who lives here. I mean it why wouldn’t you? We are a country. Means we should deport people who shouldn’t be here.

>> You and I agree.

>> Tucker: You don’t. You are not being honest. We don’t agree because you say trump is a racist.

>> He is.

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