Tucker: Eric Swalwell Had Sexual Relations with a Chinese Spy, Airs Clip Showing He’s Always ‘Spoken Like a Man Who Knows That Subject Quite Well’



That may be why so many news outlets ignored another blockbuster story about China, one that broke today. To their great credit, a pair of reporters doggedly spent the last year investigating what turned out to be an amazing story. A Chinese intelligence agent called Fang Fang, or she renamed herself when she came to this country, Christine Fang, became a force within the Democratic Party of California. Along the way, she cultivated the number of Democratic office holders. Fang had sexual relationships with at least two of them, identified in the Axios story as mayors from Midwestern cities. Fang also began a relationship with a man called Eric Swalwell. You may recognize that name. Eric Swalwell is a member of the United States Congress. Swalwell sits on the House Intelligence Committee. He is privy to this country’s most closely held secrets. Fang’s relationship with Swalwell began in 2012. Like so many Chinese spies, Fang used college as her cover. She enrolled as a student at a university in the bay area and immediately joined a number of left-wing identity politics organizations on campus. From there, she quite naturally began raising money for Democratic candidates. U.S. Intelligence officials believe Fang had a sexual relationship with Eric Swalwell. He asked his office about that directly today. His staff replied by saying they couldn’t comment on whether or not Swalwell had a second wall relationship with Fang because that information might be, quote, classified. They did not elaborate or explain what they meant by that. We do know that when Fang met Swalwell he was a city councilman in the bay area but had grand political aspirations. Fang became his regular companion. She was photographed with him at political events several times. Fang apparently pulled in large amounts of money from a variety of sources to tell him get elected to Congress. It’s not entirely clear where all of that money came from. We do know that Fang helped Swalwell secure the support of his district’s Asian American community. It was called a critical factor of his win in 2012. That’s not a new trick for Chinese intelligence service. The state’s senior Democrat, Diane Feinstein employed a Chinese spy in her office for nearly 20 years. That spy drove Feinstein around and directly assisted her in outreach to Asian American voters. Like the spy that Feinstein hired, Fang gained Eric to Swalwell’s office in Washington. U.S. Officials say Fang managed to install an intern in Swalwell’s office, almost certainly as a spy for the Chinese government. Now, we don’t know the full extend of Fang’s intelligence activities. She fled to China. We do know in Eric Swalwell the Chinese government picked a promising vehicle. Swalwell is one of the most high profile members of Congress. Last year he ran for president of the United States. And every turn, Eric Swalwell has remained a reliable source of Chinese government propaganda. As a member of the house intelligence committee, he styled himself as an expert at spotting foreign interference in our government, remarkably. As you may remember, he spent years accusing the sitting president of working for a hostile power.

> The question has shifted from whether the president is working with the Russians to what evidence exists that the president is not working with the Russians. He’s a tray tore. I don’t say that lightly. I worked as a prosecutor for seven years.

>> We want evidence before you say that, but you said an agent of Russia. Do you believe the president is a Russian agent?

>> I think he acts on Russia’s behalf and he puts Russia’s interests ahead too often of America’s interests.

>> Do you believe the president right now has been an agent of the Russians?

>> Yes, I think there’s more evidence, yes. I think all the arrows point in that direction. I haven’t seen a single piece of evidence that he’s not.

>> Looking back, it’s hard to watch that tape. The irony is overwhelming. It’s always those who have the most to hide who attack other people for the very things they’ve done, always. Even at the time he was saying it, it was obvious to us that something was very wrong with Eric Swalwell. Two years ago we asked Swalwell to come on this show and reveal the evidence he claims he collected on Russian collusion. Swalwell claim. He made loud noises and he left. He had no evidence. But he didn’t stop making allegations. Here he is at a hearing with Jim Comey back in 2017.

>> I want to talk about the Kremlin playbook. There are a number of ways a foreign adversary can influence a person. Do you agree with that?

>> Yes.

>> Financial?

>> Yes, that can be one.

>> Romance.

>> Yes.

>> Compromise.

>> Correct.

>> Setting up a compromise.

>> Yes.

>> How about inadvertently compromising? You stumble into that surveillance and they take that information and try to use to it coerce you.

>> That’s part of the playbook.

>> It’s part of the playbook. Part of the Kremlin playbook, Eric Swalwell says. What they do, these foreign Intel services, they use sex, a honey trap, if you will, to set up a compromise. Spoken like a man who knows that subject quite well. When the Russia hoax subsided, as it inevitably did because it was a lie, Swalwell turned his energies to his first love, which was defending the government of China from all criticism.

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