Tucker Carlson Slams New York Times For Trying to Injure His Wife And Kids

The New York Times is denying they intended to publish the address of Fox News host Tucker Carlson after the media personality accused them of trying to put his family in harm’s way. tucker carlson home

“[The Times] does not plan to publish Tucker Carlson’s residence, which Carlson was aware of before his broadcast tonight,” a tweet from the newspaper of record’s public relations department reads.

In closing out his show Monday night, Carlson accused the NYT of planning to publish his address at some point during the week.

“Last week The New York Times began working on a story about where my family and I live,” he revealed. “As a matter of journalism there is no conceivable justification for a story like that.”

“So why is The New York Times doing a story on the location of my family’s house?” Tucker asked. “Well, you know why. To hurt us, to injure my wife and kids so that I will shut up and stop disagreeing with them.”

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Tucker responds to intrusive reporting by The New York Times. pic.twitter.com/xj4z69G9cA

— Tucker Carlson (@TuckerCarlson) July 21, 2020


Times Backs Down

Calling them out may have forced the New York Times to backpedal on their report – whether they were flat-out publishing Carlson’s address or providing readers with enough information to figure it out on their own.

If he was right about their intentions, then what the Times intended to do was incredibly malicious.

Why? Because they know full-well that the last time Carlson’s address became public knowledge, a mob of Antifa protesters attacked his house while he wasn’t home.

“Each night you remind us that we are not safe,” the group, Smash Racism DC, posted on social media in 2018. “Tonight, we remind you that you are not safe either.”

They followed through on their threat and Tucker’s wife ended up having to lock herself in a closet out of fear for her safety.


A mob has gathered outside Tucker Carlson’s home demanding his family leave DC because he is a “racist scumbag.”

“Every night you spread fear into homes — we remind you that you are not safe either”

Tucker has 4 children.

The Left is sick.https://t.co/rXs8pUmhxu pic.twitter.com/1R9O9UcTYM

— Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 8, 2018


The NYT Hates Carlson’s Politics tucker carlson home

Thankfully, nobody was physically harmed during the first incident, but that isn’t to say nothing would happen had the Times followed through on their report.

The attack concerned he and his family enough to move to a new location in the first place.

Wow — the mob at the @nytimes NYT seeking to get @TuckerCarlson and his family killed. Shame! https://t.co/7srWCqUmj9

— Harmeet K. Dhillon (@pnjaban) July 21, 2020


“Editors there know exactly what will happen to my family when it does run,” Carlson explained. “I called them today, and I told them. But they didn’t care. They hate my politics. They want this show off the air.”

“If one of my children gets hurt because of a story they wrote, they won’t consider it collateral damage,” he accused. “They know it’s the whole point of the exercise: To inflict pain on our family, to terrorize us, to control, we say. That’s the kind of people they are.”

The Times, despite their denial of plans to print Carlson’s address, received significant backlash online.

“Notice how they didn’t deny that they in fact sent journalists to find out where he moved to and take pictures of his house, which people can easily find on Google maps,” the Daily Caller’s Greg Price wrote. “This newspaper is garbage.”

Which, incidentally, is probably where their reporters are hiding right now trying to get pictures of his home.

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