Tucker Carlson Slams Illegal Immigrant Claiming He’s an American: ‘You’re a Mexican’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson thoroughly obliterated an illegal immigrant attorney during an interview Monday night, reminding him that simply being walked across the border doesn’t make you an American.

From the moment the interview started, viewers could easily tell that Carlson wasn’t going to allow the usual garbage being spewed by Cesar Vargas, who has a green card and works as an attorney in New York, but does not have legal status.

Some of the shots fired off got quite personal at times as the two debated Democratic Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney’s decision to end a data-sharing program with Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

After reminding Vargas that “I know you are here illegally,” Carlson pointed out that he had already won the debate on sanctuary cities like Philadelphia.

“You made a silly point, I destroyed it,” he said. “Let’s get to the real meat of this debate which is, how actually does it help the citizens? … How does it help allowing criminals to go unpunished, or to escape federal law enforcement?”

“Don’t hit me with the race, crap. “As a citizen of our country you don’t get to lecture me.” @TuckerCarlson debates illegal immigrant attorney Cesar Vargas. pic.twitter.com/cYXukRIttO

— The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller) July 31, 2018


Vargas would later bolster his argument by using … you guessed it – the race card!

“It goes to the concept of citizenship,” Vargas explained trying to argue that illegals have Constitutional rights and the right to dip into entitlement programs. “As a nation we have matured. From only free, landowner white people to now.”

“Don’t hit me with the race crap,” Carlson shot back. “You have no right as a citizen of a country controlled by the conquistadors, you don’t get to lecture me.”

Tucker Carlson criticizes green card recipient Cesar Vargas for being from a “country controlled by conquistadors” and then says he has “chutzpah” for “you sitting here illegally, we’re not reporting you or having you taken out by force” pic.twitter.com/JPIHgdFbd7

— Andrew Lawrence (@ndrew_lawrence) July 31, 2018


Then, the perfect punctuation mark to the drubbing Vargas received from Carlson.

“You’re here illegally,” the Fox News host charged. “I don’t know what chutzpah is in Spanish, but for you sitting here illegally — and we’re not deporting you or having you like taken out by force.”

“We all are Americans,” Vargas countered.

“No you’re not actually,” Carlson replied. “You’re a Mexican citizen I believe.”

Vargas was previously spotlighted by the New York Times as a “Mexican immigrant without legal status” who had been sworn in alongside 67 others as members of the New York State Bar in 2016.

Aside from ignoring his illegal status, the New York State Bar had to ignore his criminal record as well. Vargas had been sentenced to a year of probation after being arrested during a political protest of Chris Christie in Iowa in 2015. His record was expunged, allowing him entry to the bar, the first illegal to be granted such a privilege.

In other words, he benefitted from illegality and other illegals from Mexico should too.

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