Sure there are devastating and historic floods, lives and property being lost in Texas at the hands of Hurricane Harvey, but the media still took the opportunity to rail on First Lady Melania Trump’s choice of footwear herunterladen.

Because politics.

Melania set out to tour the tragic scene in Texas yesterday, boarding Marine One wearing high-heeled shoes.

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Liberals, unaware that people can change their shoes en route to a destination, took her to task nintendo 3ds spiele auf sd karte downloaden. The social media outrage over her heels was unreal.

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Fox News host Tucker Carlson defended the first lady by using an unexpected source of inspiration – Hillary Clinton printed font for free.

Carlson paraphrased Hillary saying, “When you criticize one woman, you’re criticizing all women.”

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That’s only true for liberal women, Tucker office 365 download op mac.

Via Fox News Insider:

Tucker Carlson and Tammy Bruce blasted critics of Melania Trump over her choice of footwear Tuesday o2 is not working.

Carlson asked how Mrs. Trump was “exempted” from the feminist rules governing how to criticize other women.

Bruce said Del Russo and others were “harpies” that are jealous of Mrs herunterladen. Trump’s popularity.

Carlson added that Hillary Clinton “taught us” that an “attack on one [woman] is an attack on all.”

Watch Carlson and Bruce rightfully defend the First Lady …


Carlson also took to social media to defend Melania against her critics, saying they’re just jealous because she “always looks appropriate.”


So true. The left isn’t used to seeing intelligent women who simultaneously exude class at every turn.

Perhaps Melania Trump’s communications director put things in perspective best:


Think about that for a minute – people are suffering in Texas right now, and the media is focusing on the First Lady’s shoes – her shoes!

Is it any wonder nobody takes them seriously any longer?

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