Tucker Carlson: Media Romanticized Riots … Until Wednesday



Tucker: I think it’s fair to say there is no showing all of the American media that has been more consistently and aggressively against political protests end up breaking things and hurting people, more against them no matter who conducts them, no matter what the pretext is, no matter what the justification. We said that last night not to score points with anyone because we mean it, what is interesting is how everyone else’s standards have changed from our media class wants you to know what happened yesterday at the capitalist domestic terror, it was a MAGA terror insurrection but we thought we needed to replace cops with social workers but not on Capitol Hill because that’s where the politicians live. The interesting point, the media didn’t always think that the violent political protests were a big deal, in fact, last year when BLM was destroying our cities and torching places like Kenosha and Minneapolis, they were the language of the unheard.

>> Civil rights revolutionary Martin Luther King Jr. In the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard and what is it America has failed to hear, over 50 years later, what is America still not hearing?

>> Riots are the language of the unheard to.

>> Martin Luther King said it best, a riot is the language of the unheard to.

>> Dr. King said a riot is a language of the unheard and the implication is if we listen to better to and actually treated folks the way they deserved, we wouldn’t be in these situations in the first place.

>> Tucker: The rest of us sat, and by the rest of us we mean — I don’t know, the American business community that has now found its moral voice as of yesterday — every elected leader in America sat by and let people say that on television justifying violence, the murder of a lot of people and it was totally normal, totally fine. Point made. The point today is that all of a sudden, this is not the language of the unheard, these are people who are unheard for a good reason, they should just shut up and go to prison or be shot to death — what to make of all of this?

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