Fox News host Tucker Carlson brought on a Democrat strategist to discuss the party’s recent string of election losses, and inadvertently summarized the entire liberal agenda in nine brief words.

Tucker invited Jose Aristimuno, former deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, to discuss the Georgia special election. Like any deluded leftist, he has been telling himself that the crushing defeat was really a moral victory for their political side.

“Republicans keep losing their base,” Aristimuno said without evidence. “We are gaining momentum. We are going to win the House in 2018, I’m telling you,” he added.

Also without evidence.

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That’s when Tucker said the nine words that should become a stock response to every Democrat argument ever made.

“You say dumb things that don’t make any sense.” he explained.


Via Fox News Insider:

Tucker argued that the problem is that Democrats don’t have any platform to run on besides opposing President Trump.

“If you’re going to have a message, a program, and say to voters, ‘Here’s what I’m going to bring to you if you elect me,’ you have to be able to explain it,” Tucker said.

Aristimuno said Democrats want to create more middle class jobs, while simultaneously expanding the immigration system, a plan Tucker took issue with.

“Have you thought this through at all?” Tucker said. “Maybe that’s why you keep losing, because you say dumb things that don’t make any sense.”

It’s hard not to laugh along with Tucker during that interview. But it’s pretty sad that this is the state of the Democrat party these days.

Tucker is dead on with his analysis, simplified though it may be.

Democrats have been running on a platform of impeach Trump, or ‘Russia, Russia, Russia,’ instead of explaining to their constituents what they plan to do to make their lives better.

President Trump and Republicans by contrast are constantly talking about how peoples lives will improve under their policies.

It’s a winning strategy, and it’s why the Republicans have, since Trump shocked the world against Hillary, gone undefeated in special elections.

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