In his initial broadcast in Megyn Kelly’s former time slot on Fox News, Tucker Carlson got the ball rolling immediately by doing battle with ‘Never Trumper’ Glenn Beck, jabbing him for claiming God wanted to stop President-elect Donald Trump from getting elected.

Beck had stated earlier in the campaign season that he believed Ted Cruz had been anointed by God to stop Trump.

“I happen to believe that Ted Cruz actually was anointed for this time,” Beck said as the Republican field had been whittled down to the Texas senator and Trump.

After initially denying he said this, Carlson began poking Beck and asking about ‘God’s choice’ losing to Trump.

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“You said you’d been praying for and with Ted Cruz and you had heard that you believed God had called him forward at this time,” Carlson explained. “My question is really simple. I’m not attacking you, I’m just wondering. Because he didn’t win and Trump did win, did it shake your faith and what spiritual lessons did you take from that?”

Check out Beck’s response …

Via Mediaite:

On his first broadcast at the 9 PM ET timeslot, Tucker Carlson began the program with Glenn Beck, and right away it got pretty interesting.

Carlson kept pressing Beck about his religious faith, wondering if his belief and faith had been shaken due to Donald Trump’s election, considering that Beck had previously said that Ted Cruzhad been anointed by God to stop Trump.

Carlson asked, “Because he didn’t win and Trump did, did it shake your faith?”

Beck explained that doing God’s work could also simply mean ‘taking a stand’ and that he had lost no faith after the election results.

‘Taking a stand’ apparently meant God had anointed someone new to stop Trump in late October, as Beck was then saying that a vote for Hillary is the “moral, ethical choice.”

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