CARLSON: “No it’s actually not absurd for this reason — you are against the electoral college, at least you have said so when you have written about it because it’s not as democratic as a one man, one vote system, a pure democracy, which again, I think is a fair point. You are now resorting to less democratic means, putting the decision in the hands of even fewer people. So over 100 million people voted in the election, you say it was not democratic enough. Now you are saying 37 people should make the decision.”

BREZENOFF: “That’s right. To protect the Constitution from unfit president, correct.”

CARLSON: “But it’s less democratic though. And I would think.”

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BREZENOFF: “Tucker, it’s the system we have. This is the system that we have. So I have every right as a citizen to exercise my free speech, petition the electors to get the result that I think is better for our republic. They are free to ignore me which most of them apparently did.”