Tucker Carlson eviscerated one of the journalists accusing Jeff Sessions of being racist on his new primetime show on Fox News Friday, saying bluntly the column on the Republican senator is “one of the most unfair things I think I’ve ever read.”

“I mean, it’s almost like a pure download from the DNC website,” Carlson, who co-founded The Daily Caller, said to Roll Call columnist Jonathan Allen herunterladen. In a recent column arguing Sessions is “unfit” for any cabinet post in Donald Trump’s administration, Allen accuses the senator of being racist facebook link. Trump reportedly offered him the post of attorney general Thursday.

Carlson hurled question after question at Allen, asking him to substantiate the accusations being thrown around in the mainstream media by outlets eager to smear Sessions but apparently unwilling to engage his ideas sony xperia mms herunterladen.

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“Is there any evidence he’s had contact with Stormfront?” Carlson asked Allen, referring to an insinuation in his column that Sessions is racist because the white nationalist group has endorsed him candy soda download. “Endorsed Stormfront? Or are you just smearing him on the basis of their endorsement of him?”

“Well, look I’m not saying he’s like a member of Stormfront or anything,” Allen replied, to which Carlson quickly followed up: “What are you saying?”

“Why is that fair to write that?” Carlson added, saying Sessions would be quick to disavow such a group appsen android.

“Uh, he hasn’t disavowed it that I know of,” Allen said.

“Oh, so you think he agrees with Stormfront, is that –”

“I don’t know,” Allen said, going on to assert that Americans have a “right” to “feel” protected under the law herunterladen.

“Here’s what people have a right to,” Carlson said. “Is the expectation that if someone’s going to throw out a charge, that it’s substantiated.”

Then pointing out that Sessions represents the diverse state of Alabama, Carlson continued dos spiele downloaden. “Can you name, in the 20 years he has served, 19 as senator, a single instance where he has mistreated someone on the basis of their race?”

When it became clear Allen didn’t have one, Carlson added: “I mean, this is just a total hack job here.”

And on the repeated talking point that Sessions is racist because he once referred to the NAACP as “un-American,” Carlson asked: “I think the NAACP is a totally discredited group minecraft lucky block mod herunterladen. Does that make me a racist? I mean let’s get back to reality a little bit.”

“So why don’t you — since we’re on TV live — give me an example of an opinion that he has that is on the ideological fringe?” he asked Allen, continuing to hammer him with questions herunterladen.

“Do you really think that Jeff Sessions is pro-KKK?” he asked, regarding the assertion he’s racist because he made a joke about the Klu Klux Klan involving marijuana herunterladen. “Is that what you’re saying?”

“No, what I’m saying is –”

“Oh, then what are you saying?” Carlson pressed.

“You’re carrying water for the Democratic party, and you’re smearing this guy without engaging his ideas,” he added.

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