Fox News host Tucker Carlson brought Paul Davies, editorial page editor for the Philadelphia Inquirer, onto his show for a discussion about the alleged Russian cyberhacking conspiracy involving the 2016 election.

In an editorial earlier this week, the Inquirer blasted President-elect Donald Trump because he “does not seem to understand or care that the United States was attacked.”

“Whose side is Trump on?” they asked.

Carlson asked Davies why he felt any of the information gleaned from Wikileaks – which has consistently claimed none of their emails were hacked and handed over by Russian intellignece, but rather leaked from a disgruntled DNC worker – should have remained hidden from the American people. He had no answer.

He asked Davies whether or not there was any indication that the information had even swayed voters opinions. He could not answer.

And when Carlson asked Davies whether or not he had any actual proof that Russian hackers played a role, the editor finally provided an answer. Essentially, because Obama said so.

Excuse us if after 8 years of perpetual lying we don’t accept the Obama administration’s word on something.

Watch Carlson turn the liberal editor into a mumbling mess …


Via Daily Headlines:

Tucker Carlson takes down another liberal.  This time it’s the  Paul Davies the Editorial Page Editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  Carlson took apart Davies for the Inquirer’s criticism of Trump for wanting proof of Russian hacking of which none has ever been produced.  He got Davies to admit that the voters had a right to know what was in the emails but that the problem was that a foreign government interfered.  Yet, when asked for proof, Davies said that Obama said so and we need to take his word for it.  Yeah, like Obama has never lied to the American people before for political gain.

Former British Ambassador and current Wikileaks operative Craig Murray recently said he has met the person who leaked DNC and Clinton campaign emails, and they aren’t Russian. In fact, Murray said the source for the leaks was actually a disgruntled DNC worker.

Additionally, Obama’s own Attorney General stated her investigation found no “technical interference” in the election on behalf of the Russians.

Yet here we are, the editor of a major newspaper’s editorial page, telling us to just believe Obama because he wouldn’t lie about the hacks.

We’ll have what he’s having.

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