Tucker Carlson: ‘Democrats Encourage Voter Fraud Because It Helps Them Win Elections’

Tucker Carlson: “Voter ID laws stop voter fraud. Democrats encourage voter fraud because it helps them win elections.”


Whether you believe they are necessary or not either way have amounted to a life-changing catastrophe. Millions of people have lost their Jobs and families have suffered from debt and uncertainty. Many of them will likely come apart under the strain. In the name of protecting the public from a a deadly virus we have wound up destroying a huge number of people. It’s one of the saddest things to happen in our country in a very long time. To them this is not a human tragedy, is an opportunity. As a rule it’s the most mediocre people who are trying their hardest to exploit this moment. This case number one. In the long history of commonwealth of Virginia it’s likely that no politician has ever amassed a record no to more embarrassing or less impressive than the current governor of that state, Klan robes blackface. Governor clan robes announced he would be signing a tall stack of highly partisan legislation mostly because he could.

>> As we deal with the pandemic, my administration has also worked to deal with the 1291 bills passed by the general assembly. Today, we announce that I have signed a landmark gun safety legislation as well as the women’s reproductive health protection act. By tomorrow night I will have acted on all of the legislation before me.

>> Tucker: More than 1200 bills, gun-control, ripping down historic monuments. It was like an entire rundown from an MSNBC we can show all signed into law. There is nothing the interest groups that control governor clan robes didn’t get in this, they got it all. It is at least one bill in that stock that ought to worry you even if you are lucky enough not to live in Virginia. It so called election reforms. With his signature, clan robes eliminated all of Virginia’s voter I.D. Laws. He signed legislation that allows them to vote up to 45 days before elections, including those who do it online. Those are big changes, unprecedented changes. So called election reform is a coordinated effort and that should not surprise you. That always acts as one. First Lady Michelle Obama is using this crisis to call for action for voting by mail. Citizens could request ballots online and print them at home. No serious person at the national level has ever suggested hearing that before because of course it would instantly destroy the public’s faith in election outcomes and enhance our democracy. But if there was ever a time to sneak something this disruptive passed a beleaguered and disruptive population, this is it. Racism.

>> Without voter oppression, Stacy Abrams would be the governor of Georgia.

>> The voter I.D. Laws are every bit as rac —

>> When districts are drawn so that politicians can choose their vote, we can’t say we live in a democracy.

>> It was a voter suppression particularly of African-American community’s that prevented us from having a governor say Stacy Abrams right now.

>> 24 states introduced and actively seven bills to curtail the vote, and guess what, mostly directed at “People of color.” You see it. We have Jim crow sneaking back in. No, I mean it.

>> Tucker: Jim crow? Voter suppression? The right to vote in peril? What century is this? If you get everything you just heard as a complete and utter provable lie then you win tonight’s award. Governor ideas are not racist, they are mandatory. You can’t live here without one. If you don’t ha and I.D. You can’t drive, you can’t fly, you can’t apply for a mortgage, get welfare or by alcohol or tobacco. You can’t hold a legal job. Pretty much everyone in America has a government I.D. That had no effect whatsoever on voter turnout for any subgroup they measured. Whether it was by age, gender, party or race. This is a complete and utter crock. Everyone who says it knows that. Voter I.D. Laws stop voter fraud. That’s not a guess. In California the democratic-controlled legislature started something called ballot harvesting were political activists are allowed to pick up ballots and then turn them into the state by hundreds of thousands. Why do you get to do this? You can guess what happens next. In Orange county, California, during the last election cycle, 62% of all ballots were absentee. A huge percentage of those ballots were late arrivals meaning they got to the state after Election Day. A quarter million of them were supposedly cast by inactive voters which means people who hadn’t voted in the last four years. Some say a significant number of those were fraudulent. It was a local dog park. 71 are registered to a Starbucks. Under California law, this is by design, this virtual no way to distant wish of fraudulent vote from a real one. When the smoke cleared from that election, the election lost every congressional seat in Orange county which as you likely know as a longtime G.O.P. Stronghold. People watching say the demographics have changed. No, the rules have changed. In other words the plan worked perfectly. The Democrats would like to see that system come to your state, to every state, and they are using the Coronavirus pandemic to justify it. Ideas are racist! Expect to hear a lot more of that lie. And Ridley at the very same time some of our leaders are requiring special papers, even blood tests just to go outside.

>> Can you imagine a time where Americans carry certificates of immunity?

>> You know, that’s possible. It’s one of those things that we talk about when we want to make sure that we know who the vulnerable people are. This is something that’s being discussed and I think it might actually have some merit under certain circumstances.

>> Tucker: It such a sad scary moment that you hate to think it’s true but it’s hard not to conclude. Some people are using our fear for their own ends and fake election reform is not the only way that demagogues are leveraging this pandemic to put themselves in power to capture our institutions and erode our right. In Michigan, Gretchen Whitmer, speaking of mediocre, is auditioning to be Joe Biden’s vice president by traveling to their own homes. Doesn’t explain how that might help but does it anyway. In Kentucky the governor sent goons to record the license plates of anyone attending an Easter service. Then in North Carolina hundred people try to gather in Raleigh against the state’s ongoing shutdown. Police arrived and disbursed the protest, arrested one woman. Just in case, the issued a statement. Protesting is a nonessential activity.” That’s an actual quote from the authorities in Raleigh. And they are wrong. This is America and we are allowed to disagree with what our leaders do however we like and we are allowed to express that disagreement in public. That’s our birthright. They would like to leverage this crisis to take your birth right away, don’t let them.
>> Victor Davis Hanson is joining us tonight.

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