Tucker Blasts CNN for Outing Redditor: ‘We Were All Better off When CNN Stuck to … Airplanes’



CARLSON: “Good evening, and welcome to “Tucker Carlson tonight.” We hope to be off the Twitter beat by now. There is actual news happening in the world. But there was a development in the president’s ongoing feud with a certain cable news outlet that we felt was revealing enough to bring you details tonight. Remember that professional wrestling video the president weeded out the other day, the one with the CNN logo superimposed on the face of a billing? How could you forget that. We interrupt this broadcast force in breaking news, because CNN had its own crack investigative team working through the night to hunt down who made that seconds-long piece of tape because nothing is more important than that. What they found out, let them explain what happened next.”
[BEGIN CLIP] CABRERA: “Posted an apology after CNN identified and tried to contact him. He apologized for some of his other posts that were racist and anti-semitic. CNN is not publishing the user’s name because of his apology, his removal of all the offensive posts, and his pledge not to repeat this behavior on social media.”
[END CLIP] CARLSON: “There is a lot to unpack here. First, one of the biggest news organizations in the world spend a ton of money and a ton of time trying to find out who made this video. You probably do not care who made it because why would you care? Some dude on the Internet is not that important. But CNN felt it was vital. Why did they feel that way? Narrative response, even if it was a joke. Whatever it takes to beat your opponent, in this case, trump, is worth doing. This is often research opposing his him. Then there is this guy, his name, CNN is keeping it secret. Where are they doing that? The adjuster them explain, because the man in question has apologized and promised he will never do it again. Wait a second. When did CNN become a law enforcement agency or religious order. Since when is it CNN’s job to police the Internet for a immorality. Maybe they will start selling indulgences next. That was just the first explanation for why they are withholding the name. CNN later knows that he decided “To not publish the name of the Reddit user out of concern for his safety.” That turned out to be more problematic since the network it already announced that if the knotty Internet guy in question ever got nobby on the Internet again, for example, I don’t know, by criticizing CNN, then they would release his name, which, by their own description, might imperil his life which, to a lot of people, seemed pretty much like blackmail. Do as we say, or we will hurt you. News organizations don’t typically make threats like that ever. So it was a tough day for CNN today. One of the morning show increase may have come up with the simplest answer of all — lead social media decide what to do about this guy’s identity. Twitter, the perfect form for thorny moral questions. Here is the quote. “Should CNN reveal the name of the Reddit user who made trump wrestling video?” A lot of heated and bigoted material on websites. Releasing this guy’s name would endangering his safety, but he’s got bigoted and hateful material, so maybe he deserves it, you decide, citizens of Twitter, spare or kill him. Your call. This is getting grotesque. You were all better when CNN stuck to wars and airplanes.”

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