West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice said on a “Fox & Friends” weekend edition that President Trump recently called him to check on his son, Jay, who had suffered from a blood clot herunterladen.

Justice claimed the response showed a side of the President that most “people don’t know.”

The fact that the only network that will discuss what happened is Fox while the others will ignore and continue to paint Trump as an evil son of a gun, demonstrates exactly why people don’t know about this side of Trump wann kann man disney+ app herunterladen.

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Justice said he had attended a pro-Trump rally in West Virginia on Wednesday where he made mention of his son’s medical condition.

“My son, believe it or not, just ended up with an incredibly close call, a blood clot, at age 37, a guy who runs six miles a day adobe flash player gratis herunterladen. It would have gone to his lung,” he told the crowd of hundreds.

“I would really appreciate your prayers. I just left Johns Hopkins just a second ago and flew.”

The President’s response was truly remarkable mauscursor kostenlos.

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“I walk up to him and he puts his arms around me … he says ‘As soon as this is over, you get the hell out of here and get back to your son,'” Justice told viewers filme auf usb sticken.


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Trump’s concern for Justice’s son didn’t stop there herunterladen.

According to the governor, the President unexpectedly called him a few days later asking how his son was doing.

“I answered the phone and here’s exactly what he said — he said ‘Big Jim, I’m telling you, you’re the greatest,'” Justice recalled photo and video editing program for free. “And then the next words out of his mouth was, ‘The only reason I’m calling is I’m checking on Jay. How’s Jay?'”

“It’s incredible that he would just take the time to call,” Justice said herunterladen. “That’s the Donald Trump that people don’t know.”

It’s a side “everybody should know” according to Justice, who explained that the president not only cares about the country, but the individual people living within it video download mobile phone.


The President has shown this side of himself time and time again, but they are stories buried by the mainstream media now that they despise him for beating Hillary Clinton.

One such example of this was an event in particular that led some media outlets to refer to Trump as having “a heart of gold.”

When three members of Grammy Award-winning singer Jennifer Hudson’s family were murdered in October of 2008, the real estate mogul gave her a place to stay free of charge in Trump Tower and provided security for her and her family.

He also helped pay the medical bills for a campaign worker’s father who was suffering from cancer and had his private jet dispatched to fly a critically ill 3-year-old Jewish boy from California to New York for medical treatment.

Whether he was just a real estate mogul, a reality TV star, or now President of the United States, Donald Trump has perpetually shown this side of himself to the American people. Perhaps one day the media will care enough to share these stories.

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