While President-Elect Donald Trump continues to flesh out his cabinet and detail his policies, Americans seem to be taking a liking to what they’re seeing.

This, despite the constant barrage of negative news surrounding he and his associates.

A pair of polling results show that the United States is experiencing a rush of optimism as Trump waits in the wings to assume office on January 20th, 2017.

The first shows that in the wake of Trump’s presidential victory, the number of adults who believe the country is on the right track is at it’s highest level in four years. Coupled with that, the number who believe the country is on the wrong track is at it’s lowest level since 2009.

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The second poll number involves Trump’s favorability rating. That number has surged 17 points since August – the largest such increase seen since the days of Ronald Reagan.


Via Fox News Insider:

President-elect Donald Trump’s favorability continues to increase, Frank Luntz said on Your World with Neil Cavuto.

According to Bloomberg News’ latest national poll of 999 adults nationwide, Trump’s favorability is up to 50 percent from 33 percent in August.

“I went back and looked at the change from the moment of election until 30 days from that, and Donald Trump has had the biggest surge in polling in terms of popularity of anyone who has been elected president since Ronald Reagan, including Ronald Reagan,” Luntz said. “It really is significant…that 33 percent to 50 percent is remarkable.”

Luntz went on to say that Trump’s election has changed consumer spending for the better, and that this is going to be the “most optimistic Christmas” the nation has had since the election of Barack Obama eight years ago.

Trump’s 50% favorability rating is the highest it’s ever been as a political candidate, and actually matches his highest level overall which he attained as a reality TV star in 2005.

It seems that while liberals are rioting, threatening the electoral college, and devising ways to circumvent the Constitution in an attempt to stop Trump, the rest of America is optimistically giving him a chance.

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