Trump Will Be Sworn in With Bible Used by Abraham Lincoln

President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in on Inauguration Day with his hand on the Bible once used by Republican President Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed slaves through the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863.

The Lincoln Bible is currently part of the collection at the Library of Congress and was used for his first inauguration in 1861.

Via AOL:

When Donald Trump is sworn in on Inauguration Day, he will take the oath using two Bibles: the one that President Abraham Lincoln used at his first inauguration, plus his own.

The president-elect’s Bible dates back to childhood, according to the Presidential Inaugural Committee, which announced more details of Friday’s swearing-in on Tuesday.

The Bible was given to Trump by his mother when he graduated from Sunday Church Primary School at First Presbyterian Church in the Queens, New York, neighborhood of Jamaica in 1955 — just days before he turned 9 years old.

The Lincoln Bible was first used on March 4, 1861, for the 16th president’s inauguration. It has only been used twice since, both times by President Obama: at his first inauguration in 2009 as well as his second in 2013.

As you might have guessed, leftists are totally apoplectic at the thought of Trump using the Lincoln Bible.

Hearing Trump is gonna use the Lincoln bible to be sworn in makes me wanna throw up

— Jose Mendez (@mikenicetwin89) January 17, 2017

The fact that Trump will be using Lincoln bible at inauguration or be anywhere near Lincoln bedroom in WH makes me mad & my skin crawl.

— Patymo (@Patymo) January 17, 2017

Can’t wait to see if Trump reacts most like Belloq, Toht, or Dietrich when he lays his hand on the Lincoln Bible this Friday!

— Chris Pierson (@ctpierson) January 17, 2017

It’s likely that very few of these low-information voters realize Lincoln was, like Trump, a Republican.

“In his first inaugural address, President Lincoln appealed to the ‘better angels of our nature,’” said Presidential Inauguration Committee Chairman Tom Barrack. “As he takes the same oath of office 156 years later, President-elect Trump is humbled to place his hand on Bibles that hold special meaning both to his family and to our country.”

Vice President-elect Mike Pence meanwhile, will be sworn in using a Bible from another great Republican president – Ronald Reagan.

“President Ronald Reagan placed his faith in a loving God and the goodness of our country,” Pence said in a statement. “He set out to change a nation and in doing so, he changed the world. In the march of history, Ronald Reagan’s time in office was limited, but his legacy inspired a generation and will continue beyond.”

Will Trump and Pence now change the nation and the world in their march of history?

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