MARQUEZ: “You voted for Donald Trump?”

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MEADOWS: “I did.”

MARQUEZ (voice-over): “Pam meadows, a piano teacher, registered Republican and person of faith, said she likes preferring the his policies to his leadership style. The clay county economy growing since 2013. Going gang busters now. Today, jobs are plentiful, unemployment, less than 4%.”

MEADOWS: “I see the economy has turned around. I believe that he’s definitely a straight shooter. And what we see is what we get.”

MARQUEZ (voice-over): “Even the adult actress, stormy Daniels, who claims she was harass bid those loyal to the president, doesn’t shake her faith.”

MEADOWS: “I didn’t vote for a pastor. I would not want him to be the person that led me in the areas of morality or my family or anything like that. That’s not what a president is supposed to do.”

MARQUEZ (voice-over): “Missouri went big for trump in 2016. Beating Hillary Clinton here by 19 points. His support may be narrowing. Gallup put the vote at 47% last year. Those disapproving, 48%.”

>> I think that he demonstrates a lack of awareness of the way that democratic politics works.”