A conservative activist handed Donald Trump a copy of a Newsweek collector’s edition with Hillary Clinton on the cover as ‘Madam President,’ and the President immediately grabbed a pen and obliged.

He didn’t draw a mustache or a pair of horns. Or write ‘nasty woman.’

He did something that was much more of a slap in the face to the former presidential candidate.

He signed it. As president.


Right across her face.

Yikes, that’s gotta hurt.

Via Conservative Tribune:

According to the Washington Examiner’s chief political correspondent Byron York, one of those commemorative Clinton covers found its way into the hands of an unnamed conservative activist, who decided to have a finishing touch added to the piece of memorabilia.

As shown in a tweet by York, the activist somehow was able to have President Trump autograph the magazine right over “Madam President” Clinton’s face.

This is quintessential — and hilarious — Trump. And is just about as humiliating for ol’ Hillary as it gets.

Some of the responses to York’s tweet were equally as epic …

Others simply expressed admiration for a solid trolling effort …


Newsweek produced multiple versions of the magazine this past election, one with Hillary and one with Donald on the cover. The ‘Madam President’ edition featured the subtitle “Hillary Clinton’s historic journey to the White House.”

The special edition was recalled after the historic journey became an historic collapse, but some copies managed to get out.

Hillary fans can find multiple copies being sold on eBay for varying amounts, and relive what could have been. If you’re into that kind of thing.

We’d be interested to see how much this Trump fan would get if they decide to sell their freshly signed memorabilia on eBay.

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