It’s rather apparent that Donald Trump supporters have grown weary of the Jill Stein recount scam and are making it clear they have ‘no time for losers’ like her campaign.

Stein spoke with reporters about her recount effort and the amount of money being poured into her coffers to support a scam that has no chance of changing the election results.

That’s when Trump supporters chimed in with thoughts of their own …

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In the following clip, you can hear the supporters chanting in the background and reporters looking back at them, though it’s difficult to hear exactly what’s being said …


Newsday reporter Laura Figueroa was on the scene however, and reported that the Trump supporters were indeed chanting “we are the champions.”

They also had another message for Stein and the Hillary supporters refusing to accept the election results … You’re all a bunch of cry babies.


This past summer, Trump introduced his wife Melania at the Republican National Convention, and emerged from backstage to the Queen hit, “We Are the Champions.”

Stein mocked Trump at the time for his song selection …


Well, Ms. Stein … Now you know what he’s the champion of – Election Day.

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