President Trump took to social media Saturday morning to blast former FBI Director James Comey, along with the FBI’s “great lovers,” Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, claiming the recent IG report’s findings have destroyed them and marked a “dark and dangerous” period in our nation word für mac download kostenlos deutsch.

“The IG Report totally destroys James Comey and all of his minions including the great lovers, Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, who started the disgraceful Witch Hunt against so many innocent people,” he tweeted wo kann man musik illegalen. “It will go down as a dark and dangerous period in American History!”

The report on the FBI’s handling of the Clinton email investigation concluded that no political bias played a role in decisions being made by these players, but was rife with glaringly obvious examples of bias gratis ram downloaden.

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To recap, the IG report said to the American people – with a straight face – that there was no bias despite:

  • FBI Director James Comey and FBI agents investigating Clinton’s use of private emails having themselves used private emails gpx viewer downloaden.
  • Agents receiving free handouts from journalists in exchange for unauthorized media contact.
  • Agents referring to supporters of President Trump as “retarded.”
  • A lead investigator texting that “we’ll stop” Trump from winning the presidency spotify playlist über mobile daten herunterladen.
  • An FBI attorney declaring his support for Hillary Clinton by declaring “Viva le Resistance.”

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Yea, no political bias there.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz concluded that there was no evidence that political bias “directly affected the specific investigative actions we reviewed,” though he confessed that “the conduct by these employees cast a cloud over the entire FBI investigation.”

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That conclusion, one that is impossible to come to after reading all of the instances of bias above, is yet another example of high-ranking officials getting away with corruption transport fever modsen.

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Bottom line to the American people – if you’re a government official, you can do anything – ANYTHING – and still face zero repercussions for your actions herunterladen.

And that truly is a ‘dark and dangerous’ mindset in America.