Trump Scolds CNN’s Acosta: ‘Be Nice, Be Respectful’


TRUMP: “Go ahead. Be nice. Be respectful.”

ACOSTA: “I’ll be very respectful, sir. What did Kim Jong-un say to you to give you the confidence that for once in the history of North Korea they are not cheating the system and gaming the world and gaming the people who will have to go in and make sure they are giving up their nuclear arsenal?”

TRUMP: “Very fair question. He actually mentioned the fact that they proceeded down the path in the past and ultimately, as you know, nothing got done. In one case they took billions of dollars during the Clinton regime, billions of dollars and nothing happened. That was a terrible thing. He actually brought it up to me and he said, ‘We have never gone this far.’ I don’t think they have ever had the confidence in a president that they have right now for getting things done and having the ability to get things done. And he was very firm in the fact that he wants to do this. I think he might want to do this as much or even more than me because they see a very bright future for North Korea. So you never know. We never know. But I tell you what. We signed a very comprehensive document today and I think most of you have been given that document. But we signed a very comprehensive document, and I believe he is going to live up to that document. In fact, when he lands, which will be shortly, I think he will start that process right away. I do I can only say I know him — it has been very rhetorical, as you know. Without the rhetoric it wouldn’t have happened. I think without other things going along, I think the establishment of a new team was very important. But I think he wants to get it done. I feel that very strongly.”

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