President Trump hammered the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) over issues surrounding the testing of coronavirus, claimed he was cutting red tape to speed up the process, and blamed Barack Obama for slowing things down gratis apps downloaden die geld kosten ios.

The President took to Twitter early Friday morning to suggest his predecessor was behind problems that caused the CDC to be unprepared in the event of a pandemic firefox windows xp.

The public health institute, rather than using test kits from the World Health Organization, made their own, creating issues with delays and accuracy herunterladen.

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Trump Is Fuming obama coronavirus testing

Trump hammered the CDC, alleging they had spent years simply hoping an emergency health issue of this scale would never hit the United States logo kostenlos erstellen und kostenlosen.

“For decades the [CDC] looked at, and studied its testing system, but did nothing about it. It would always be inadequate and slow for a large scale pandemic, but a pandemic would never happen, they hoped,” he tweeted find my iphone herunterladen.

Trump then cast blame on Obama.

Obama Response to Swine Flu

The President took issue with the Obama administration’s handling of the swine flu herunterladen.

“President Obama made changes that only complicated things further,” Trump said. “Their response to H1N1 Swine Flu was a full-scale disaster, with thousands dying, and nothing meaningful done to fix the testing problem, until now.”

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The President assured that “changes have been made and testing will soon happen on a very large scale basis.”

“All Red Tape has been cut, ready to go!”

Trump’s Action

The administration announced a series of actions they were taking to speed up the testing process.

NPR reports:

The Trump administration has announced a series of measures intended to speed testing for the coronavirus disease COVID-19: a new federal coordinator to oversee testing, funding for two companies developing rapid tests and a hotline for labs to call to get help finding needed supplies.


Prior to this, and contrary to what the media would have you believe, President Trump has been working diligently to improve testing for the American people all along.

Weeks ago, he ordered the FDA to allow hundreds of private labs and academic hospitals to rapidly begin testing for coronavirus.

And Trump already secured a commitment from the nation’s insurance providers to waive all copays on coronavirus testing and expand coverage of coronavirus-related treatment in all their benefit plans.

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