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Trump Responds To Union Leader Who Accused Him Of Lying

A local union president that represents employees at a Carrier air conditioning plant in Indiana accused President-elect Donald Trump of inflating the number of jobs he saved from being outsourced to Mexico. The President-elect responded directly to the union leader Wednesday evening.

“Trump and Pence, they pulled a dog and pony show on the numbers,” Chuck Jones, president of  United Steelworkers 1999, told the Washington Post Tuesday. Jones did say that Trump could “take credit for rescuing 800 of the Carrier jobs.”

Jones, who supported Clinton as a “lesser of two evils,” accused the President-elect of lying when he visited the plant Dec 1. “He got up there, and,for whatever reason, lied his ass off,” Jones said of Trump’s visit.

The President-elect responded to Jones accusations via Twitter:

Trump also hit back at the Union, suggesting that they spend more time working on saving American jobs, and less time “talking.”The President-elect also suggested that they lower union dues:


Voters overwhelmingly support Trump’s deal with Carrier, which resulted in about 1,000 manufacturing jobs being kept in Indiana instead of being moved to Mexico, according to Politico.

The President-elect reached an agreement with Carrier’s  parent-company, United Technologies, to keep some 1,000 jobs from being outsourced to Mexico. The company is slated to receive $7 million in tax credits from Indiana, to be paid over ten years. Carrier agreed to invest $16 million in the state of Indiana.

Trump and the Vice-president-elect,Mike Pence, visited the Carrier facility Dec 1, where he outlined a portion of his vision on how to protect American jobs. “United Technologies really stepped up,” Trump said to workers and reporters at the plant last week. “Companies are not going to leave anymore without consequences,” he continued. (RELATED: Trump Visits Carrier, Vows Companies That Leave Will Face Consequences)

“We are going to be lowering our business taxes from 35 percent, hopefully to 15 percent. The other thing that we are doing, is regulations,” he explained.

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