Trump Narrowed Clinton’s Lead Throughout Convention

Republican nominee Donald Trump continued to whittle down the gap between himself and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in a new national poll published by Reuters Friday.

The Reuters/Ipsos poll surveyed 1,036 likely voters in an online-style format. The survey took place from July 18 to July 22, the week of the Republican National Convention.

In a similar Ipsos online poll published Thursday, Trump had narrowed down Clinton’s lead to 40 to 36 percent. Friday’s poll revealed Clinton’s lead shrunkeven further to 41 to 38 percent. In the same poll, Trump trailed Clinton by 10 points the week before the convention.

Trump had a rocky road to the nomination. The Never Trump movement attempted to steal away the votes necessary to make Trump the official Republican nominee. Colorado delegates filed a motion that would free delegates from any state instructions they received related to the primary process.

The Never Trump movement culminated in the refusual of former Presidential challenger Ted Cruz to endorse Trump as the candidate. Trump experienced lagging Republican support in the months running into the Republican convention. Trump’s fundraising numbers were way down in May, but did much better in June.

Trump ended the month of June with $42 million in useable funds. Although it was much better than the campaign’s take in May, it was considerably less than Clinton’s $70 million during the same month.

Next week is the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. Trump’s SuperPACS have plans to use ad campaigns to dominate the news cycle during the convention, and hope to translate Trump’s momentum into a reliable lead.

Since the poll was an online-based poll, the traditional margin of error does not apply. Ipsos calculated what they called the “credibility interval” to be 3.9. That is well within the gap of the poll, meaning it is possible that Trump is actually in the lead.

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