Will Joe Biden defeat President Trump?


Mr. President. In regards to the proceedings going on in the Senate, would you like to see this over quickly? Would you like to see a thorough examination of the facts? What did you make of the dust-up between the White House counsel, Cipollone, and others last night, and are you against John Bolton testifying?

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TRUMP: “You’re asking a lot of questions. First of all, Jerrold Nadler, I’ve known him a long time. He’s a sleaze bag. Everybody knows that. Pat Cipollone is a high-quality human being. I was very impressed with him. He had great emotion yesterday. He’s a brilliant guy but I’ve never seen that emotion. That’s real emotion because he knows this is a hoax. I was very proud of the job he did. I’ve known Jerry Nadler for a long time. He opposed many might have Jobs, I got them all successfully built in New York. We have yet another fight. Isn’t it amazing, isn’t it surprising, isn’t it amazing.”