Do you support President Trump?


Mr. President. In regards to the proceedings going on in the Senate, would you like to see this over quickly? Would you like to see a thorough examination of the facts? What did you make of the dust-up between the White House counsel, Cipollone, and others last night, and are you against John Bolton testifying?

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TRUMP: “You’re asking a lot of questions. First of all, Jerrold Nadler, I’ve known him a long time. He’s a sleaze bag. Everybody knows that. Pat Cipollone is a high-quality human being. I was very impressed with him. He had great emotion yesterday. He’s a brilliant guy but I’ve never seen that emotion. That’s real emotion because he knows this is a hoax. I was very proud of the job he did. I’ve known Jerry Nadler for a long time. He opposed many might have Jobs, I got them all successfully built in New York. We have yet another fight. Isn’t it amazing, isn’t it surprising, isn’t it amazing.”