President Trump on Thursday mocked CNN’s Chris Cuomo, calling him ‘Fredo‘ and suggesting he be moved back to a morning slot because of his “really bad” ratings. chris cuomo’s ratings

Earlier in the week, the Hollywood Reporter released rating numbers which show Cuomo coming in third for his timeslot behind MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, and Fox News’ Sean Hannity who led the way klingelton herunterladen iphone.

As bad as it is for the brother of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, the President still believes he could beat out another feeble media personality – Joe Scarborough.

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“[CNN] should move Fredo back to the morning slot,” Trump tweeted. “He was rewarded for bad ratings with a much better time slot – and again got really bad ratings herunterladen. Getting totally trounced by [Fox News].”

“Give him another shot in the morning,” he added. “He would easily beat Morning Joe’s poorly rated show!”

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Fake News Doesn’t Pay

‘Fredo’ is a reference to Fredo Corleone, the fictional weaker brother in ‘The Godfather’ movie, a man who doesn’t get much respect from his father or anyone else in the family a program to download.

Cuomo was confronted by a heckler months back who referred to him as such, and the inferior Cuomo brother blew his top.

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Earlier in the week, President Trump slammed the CNN anchor yet again.

“Can’t believe how badly [CNN] has done in the newly released TV ratings,” he fired off, adding that “Fredo should be given a big pay cut!”

“As I have long said, Fake News does not pay!” Trump continued möbel zeichnen programm kostenlos herunterladen.


Cuomo an Embarrassment chris cuomo’s ratings

Trump is correct – fake news doesn’t pay.

And Cuomo’s descent has coincided with an incident in April, when he was caught staging a segment showing him emerging from his basement quarantine for the ‘first time.’

Turned out – by his own admission – he had been out in public a week earlier, breaking social distancing requirements, and got into an altercation with a “loser, fat tire biker” that required a police report filing herunterladen.


Since then, Cuomo has been caught using Obama-era statistics in an attempt to ‘prove’ President Trump is responsible for ‘systemic racism’ in America.

And he has held several comedic interviews with his brother while completely ignoring a nursing home scandal in New York state.


Even CNN’s viewers have figured out Fredo’s shtick.

The New York Post reported previously that Cuomo’s ratings have plummeted since he and his brother have been doing their ridiculous interviews and staging coronavirus stories connectify kostenlos herunterladen.

“Americans have spoken with their clickers — and they’re sick of Chris and Andrew Cuomo show,” the Post writes. “The ratings for Cuomo Prime Time have tanked, plummeting by 50 percent since Chris recovered from COVID.”

Maybe CNN should consider taking him off the air altogether.

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