Let’s be honest, we all kind of suspected this deep down anyway, didn’t we?

During a campaign rally in Pennsylvania, Republican nominee Donald Trump ripped on Bernie Sanders for falling in line behind Hillary Clinton, saying he made a deal with the devil’ by agreeing to endorse her download crossword puzzles.

He then repeated in a booming voice, “She’s the devil!”

The Daily Mail reports:

Donald Trump called his Democratic rival ‘the devil’ on Monday in a high-profile escalation of his campaign rhetoric – at precisely the moment he needed to change the subject herunterladen.

Facing a four-day-long scandal over his criticism of the father of a Muslim soldier who died in combat, the Republican presidential nominee shifted gears wo kann ich pc spiele downloaden.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, Trump told an overflow crowd at a high school in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, ‘made a deal with the devil’ when he endorsed Clinton at last week’s Democratic National Convention herunterladen.

‘She’s the devil!’ he added.

Seems a little far-fetched. It’s not like anybody has ever captured an image of her with horns or anything …

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I take that back crowd city kostenlos herunterladen.

Watch Trump say those three words that will have Hillary chucking lamps at Bill …

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At a previous speaking engagement in Colorado, Trump hinted at the comparison to the prince of darkness when he said Bernie had “sold his soul to the devil.”

In April, Fox News’ David Webb went to a Bernie campaign rally and asked several voters what they thought of Hillary russisch musiken kostenlos. They claimed she was “corrupt to the core,” and “might throw up” if they had to vote for her.

One woman said “I don’t want to be mean,” but after being told to just be honest she admitted “she’s the devil.”

Trump just might have stumbled onto something here voicemail herunterladen.

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