Trump Just Compared Hillary to THIS Blood-Sucking Creature

Donald Trump ad-libbed his speech on the fly, so to speak, and managed to slam Hillary with a devastating joke in the process!

During a campaign rally in Cincinnati, Ohio, Trump got seriously distracted by a mosquito which had landed on the podium.

Rather than ‘executing’ the mosquito as President Obama once famously did, Trump delivered a comment that had his crowd in hysterics.

After discussing his dislike for mosquitoes, Trump deadpanned “Hello, Hillary, how are you doing?” to the blood-sucking creature.

Check out Trump’s joke below …


Via Business Insider:

Donald Trump briefly deviated from his campaign stump speech Wednesday evening when a mosquito interrupted him on stage.

“There was a mosquito. I don’t want mosquitos around me!” Trump exclaimed onstage while speaking at an Ohio rally.

He added: “I don’t like mosquitos! I don’t like those mosquitos. I never did!”

The presumptive Republican nominee then used the incident to take a jab his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

“OK, speaking of mosquitos — hello, Hillary. How are you doing?” he joked.

The comparison seems rather appropriate, especially considering how Hillary has just sucked the life out of American rule of law with her recent exoneration at the hands of the FBI.

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