Donald Trump Jr. is challenging Democrats pushing the ‘defund police’ movement to ditch their own personal security detail first.

The President’s son, in a social media post, stated that condemnation of police brutality has been universal, but pulling resources from law enforcement is not the answer New Year's wishes 2019 to download.

“We all want to stop police brutality, but cutting funding to police departments like so many Dems want to do doesn’t stop abuses, it just makes communities (particularly impoverished communities) less safe,” he wrote excel für studenten herunterladen.

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“Will those same anti-cop Dems call for their security details to be cut?” he asked.

Is Trump going to win in 2020?

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No ‘Damn Reforms’

Democrat lawmakers on Monday proposed legislation that would increase the accountability of police officers and remove immunity from legal action stemming from inappropriate conduct minecraft für pcen vollversion.

Rep. Ilhan Omar has used the George Floyd tragedy to call for the Minneapolis Police Department to be “completely dismantled,” claiming that the entire department is “rotten to the root.”

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“We don’t want your damn reforms, we don’t want the slow dying of our communities to continue,” she preached to an angry crowd of protesters herunterladen. “What we want you to do is to cut the cancer so that it does not continue to spread throughout our bodies.”

By contrast to what Democrats wish you to believe, the overwhelming majority of our police officers are heroes herunterladen. They’re the ones out on the streets in our community each and every day, protecting law-abiding citizens and peaceful protesters alike.

Bad cops need to be held accountable winrar kostenlos deutsch vollversion chip. Good ones need to be protected and supported.


Dumbest Idea defund police

Former congressman Trey Gowdy and Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) have described the ‘defund police’ movement as both the “dumbest idea I’ve ever heard” and “ridiculous” respectively filme von youtube herunterladen legal.

“Who is going to process crime scenes, arrest bad people?” Gowdy asked in an interview earlier this week. “Who is going to enforce any law, child sex abuse, homicide thunderbird emails herunterladen? Who is going to do it if it’s not the police?”

Scott added that dismantling police departments is “not an idea whose time has come,” rather, “it should never come.”

So, Democrats, you want to defund law enforcement? You first.

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