Trump Gains In Polls, Outspends Hillary On Ads In Key States

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump announced massive ad spending Monday, following a bump in the polls over the last week.

The ads will be aired in nine key states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Florida, New Hampshire, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado, and Nevada. Each of those states are listed as either “leans Democratic” or “safe Democratic” by statistics site 538 as well as the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her Super PAC recently decided to cut spending on ads in battleground states due to her large double-digit lead in the polls. After more emails recently surfaced raising questions about the Clinton foundation and Clinton’s tenure as secretary of state, poll leads are now down to one to two percentage points — if they exist at all — in key battleground states.

The spending outpaces Clinton’s planned $9.2 million for the week, topping out at $10 million. The Democratic nominee has spent over $77 million in advertising so far in the campaign, whereas Trump has only spent $5 million in previous ad placements for the first ad the Trump campaign released.

“Trump’s positive message of economic opportunity is working, and we see the national and battleground state polls all moving in the right direction,” Trump senior communications advisor Jason Miller told the Associated Press.

“With Hillary Clinton off the campaign trail yet again this week and continuing to take many communities’ votes for granted, we see this as the right time to show voters the benefits of an American economy under the leadership of Mr. Trump,” Miller said.

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