The Chicago Cubs had their backs up against an ivy covered wall on two occasions this post season.

In the National League Championship series, they had been shut-out in two consecutive games and trailed the Los Angeles Dodgers two games to one before turning things around.

The World Series brought an even more difficult path, trailing the Cleveland Indians three games to one and having to face them on the road in games six and seven.

What does this have to do with the presidential election and Donald Trump, you might ask?

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Well, this – the Cubs managed to rebound and win the World Series against shrinking odds. Odds that famed statistician Nate Silver’s website explained in this manner a few days ago …


“It will be hard for the Cubs to come back from this 3-1 deficit,” they wrote. “As the Cavaliers taught us earlier this year, a 3-1 lead isn’t insurmountable, but Elo rates the Cubs’ the total chance of winning the Series at a measly 15 percent. (That’s a smaller chance than FiveThirtyEight’s election forecast model currently gives Donald Trump to win the White House.)”

Here’s what the Cubs did with that “measly 15 percent” …


Will Trump supporters be celebrating in the same manner after a come from behind victory on Election Day? Maybe we’ll see a little of this …

trump poll

Let’s really hope we see a lot of this …


Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs – For the first time in 108 years, they can call themselves World Champions.

Perhaps after 8 long years, we’ll be able to call a Republican president of the United States.

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