Trump Has To Explain To Bernie Supporter That There Is No Such Thing As Free Education

It’s the common mantra of the left – free healthcare, free education, free this, free that.

Nowhere is that more prevalent than with Bernie Sanders supporters who are easily seduced by the message of free college being pitched by the socialist senator from Vermont.

What they fail to grasp is the basic lesson that nothing in life is free – it’s simply paid for by others.

So when a liberal college student confronted Donald Trump at a rally in Wisconsin this weekend, asking if he had a plan like other candidates to provide students with free college education, she was immediately hit with a cold hard reality.

“There’s no such thing as free education,” Trump explained. “Because you know that ultimately somebody else is going to be paying for that education.”

If there was any doubt as to who paid for the free ride at college, Trump explained it is “the taxpayers.”

Watch the exchange below …

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Via Fox News Insider:

“There’s no such thing as free education,” says Donald Trump.

The GOP front-runner discussed the rising cost of college at a special Wisconsin town hall moderated by Greta Van Susteren, saying that “the first question I always get is student debt.”

Trump was asked the question by a doctoral student and Badger State voter, who said that “several other candidates have come out with their plans for lowering or even free education at the public university level.”

“There’s no such thing as free education, because you know that ultimately somebody else is going to be paying for that education. The taxpayers,” replied Trump.

“I can’t believe I’m saying this as a politician … I’d love to say free education, but again, if somebody gets free education, all of the people paying, their rates are going to go up,” he explained.

Trump gently explained that with everything being paid for in taxes under a President Sanders, there’d be nobody making anything and the system would ultimately fail.

He accused Sanders of providing nothing more than lip service.

“It’s just words, OK? It’s just words,” Trump finished.


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