Trump Economy Breaks Black Friday Sales Records

Despite their many efforts to distract the American people, Democrats have a problem when it comes to 2020 – the Trump economy continues to break records.

President Trump touted that news with an early morning tweet citing a Fox News report headline which reads, “Trump Economy Breaks Holiday Shopping Records.”

Ah, remember days not so far in the past when Democrats were convincing the public that a recession was pending under this administration?

Any idea why they’re not talking about the economy any longer and are focused solely on impeachment?

Here’s why:

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Black Friday, Online Sales Records

The final tally for Black Friday sales is expected to exceed $7 billion according to Adobe, with shoppers spending $4.2 billion on Thanksgiving.

The latter figure represents a record high and 14.5 percent increase over last year’s sales.

The Fox Business network spoke of Adobe’s findings, adding that the analytic company had predicted $9.4 billion in sales for Cyber Monday, an 18.9 percent increase from last year.

Florida congressman Matt Gaetz praised the President for the steamrolling economy.

“If you look at the Trump economy, the hottest in the world, it’s creating that opportunity for Americans each and every day,” Gaetz said.

Sales are being motivated by confidence in the President’s economic policies, and consumers are shrugging off the media’s doomsday reporting.

“The big boost in spending, particularly online, is diametrically opposed to the worry and apprehension seen in surveys leading up to the holidays,” Axios reports.

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The “experts” on the MSM tried to scare us into a recession

But consumers aren’t buying it.

Thanksgiving shoppers spent a record $4.1 BILLION—up 14% over last year

Black Friday spending is up 22% to a record high of $5.4B

This is the Trump economy at work!

— Charlie Kirk (@charliekirk11) November 30, 2019


Democrat Christmas Dreams Dashed

With an incredibly underwhelming field of opponents being hoisted up by the resistance party, the only true hope to unseat Donald Trump is to see a slide in the economy.

“I’ve been saying for about two years that I hope we have a recession and people get mad at me,” Bill Maher, the host of ‘Real Time’ on HBO, said.

“A recession would definitely knock him [Trump] out of office,” he added.

Voters are concerned about their own needs, their own challenges, and their own opportunities in their lives.

If you look at the Trump economy, the hottest in the world, it’s creating that opportunity for Americans each and every day.

— Rep. Matt Gaetz (@RepMattGaetz) November 29, 2019


There’s little doubt that today’s crop of Democrat candidates challenging Trump in 2020 have been hoping Santa brings them a recession, or at least a faltering economy, for Christmas.

Instead, consumers are shaking off media-driven fears of a bad economy and delivering incredible news for the President.

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