Trending: Kayleigh McEnany Steamrolls Jim Acosta: ‘If Anybody Needs To Be Fact-Checked, It’s The Media’

BOLLING: “How did they do that? Today’s big 21,000 pound bomb dropped on Afghanistan, has that affected the geopolitical balance or at least the way the rest of the world sees Donald Trump?”

GORKA: “Absolutely, because it means that people now understand just how much the president means what he says. When he says unequivocally in front of the joint session of Congress at CPAP, when he says I am going to obliterate ISIS literally, when he says I’m going to wipe the Islamic state off the face of the Earth, it’s not empty rhetoric. If you read the memoirs of Secretary Gates, of Secretary Panetta, it’s stunning. Obama’s own principals, they talk about NSC meetings that last for three to four hours with nobody taking a decision. That was the last eight years. That was the reality of the red lines. Along comes President Trump, that’s gone. We have a threat, we promise to deal with it, and were dealing with it right now.”