Showing off a bit of his charm and personality, President Trump cracked a joked about the cameras making he and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un look good before they sat down for lunch youtube videos in full hd herunterladen.

While reporters took photos of Trump, Kim, and their respective entourages filing in for lunch at their historic summit this week, the President paused to make sure everybody got a good shot alle foto's uit icloud downloaden.

“Getting a good picture, everybody?” he asked. “So we look nice and handsome and thin? Perfect.”

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It was a harmless joke – who doesn’t say to somebody taking photos, ‘make me look good,’ – but the look on Kim’s face as a reporter’s camera zoomed in has led the clip to go viral hp solution center windows 10 herunterladen.

Check it out …

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Kim was likely listening to the interpretation of Trump’s comments when he was caught gazing without expression, seemingly unamused android pie herunterladen.

Reports out of South Korea in 2016 indicated that the North Korean leader binges on food and suffers from insomnia over a constant fear of being assassinated grundbuchauszug herunterladen.

So he might be a little sensitive about weight jokes in general, regardless of how harmless it may have been.

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Naturally, hysterical liberals pounced on the comment as a joke directed at Kim personally (it wasn’t) and a sign of Trump’s lack of statesmanship outlook only subject.

“This didn’t look good at all,” one social media user fretted. “If those comments were translated, Kim looks insulted or confused.”


The comment wasn’t directed at Kim, however, and was more a bit of self-deprecating humor than anything else herunterladen. It was a human moment in an incredibly tense situation. President Trump offered Kim humor and humility.

Pool reports also indicate that while Kim may not have been amused at first, he smiled shortly after the translation of Trump’s comments herunterladen.


Was Trump mocking Kim or making a harmless joke? Tell us your opinion below!

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