Trump Comes Out Swinging At Democrat ‘Con Game’ Against Kavanaugh

President Trump on Tuesday slammed Democrats for engaging in a “con game” to smear the reputation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Referring to entities that have tried to take down Kavanaugh for the crime of being a conservative as “con artists,” the President pulled absolutely zero punches in his first in-depth comments about the disgraceful political ploy.

“I think it’s horrible what the Democrats have done,” he said to reporters at a meeting with the United Nations General Assembly. “It’s a con game they’re playing … they’re really con artists.”

Additionally, Trump made it quite clear what he thought of the second accuser, Deborah Ramirez, and her flimsy accusations.

“The second accuser has nothing,” he said. “The second accuser doesn’t even know, she thinks maybe it could’ve been him, maybe not. She admits that she was drunk. She admits time lapses, there are time lapses.”

“This is a con game being played by the Democrats,�? President Trump says about Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers

— CNN Politics (@CNNPolitics) September 25, 2018


She has nothing. The Democrats have nothing. And Kavanaugh has the President in his corner, not afraid to defend his good name.

Trump went on to point out that Ramirez’ herself, and her story, are an absolute ‘mess.’

“She says, ‘Well it might not be him’ and there were gaps and she said she was totally inebriated and all messed up and she doesn’t know it was him,” he reminded a media who has been all too willing to push the allegations as if they were airtight.

As The Political Insider reported, one of the co-authors of the column revealing Ramirez’ allegations admits there were no witnesses, just one guy who “heard it from someone who was there.”

The accuser herself wasn’t even sure it was Kavanaugh who supposedly exposed himself decades earlier, had to call old classmates to see if they could remember, then decided well ‘I guess it must have been him.’

Rush Limbaugh to Republicans: “You can kiss the MIDTERMS goodbye if you don’t get highly qualified Kavanaugh approved.�?

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 25, 2018


It’s nothing more than a con game perpetrated by con artists who hide behind the banner of the Democrat party, just as Trump stated. Liberals aren’t used to seeing a President with a spine stand up and call a spade a spade. Women who make false accusations to push a political agenda denigrate real victims of sexual assault.

Responding to Ramirez’ flimsy story, Trump scoffed: “Oh gee, let’s not make him a Supreme Court judge because of that?”

Republicans need to recognize what the President already has – this is a con game. Stop playing it and hold the vote to confirm Kavanaugh today if need be.

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