Trump Asked About Previous Praise For Hillary – Here’s His Response

For many Republicans, Donald Trump’s past support and praise for Hillary Clinton has left a bad taste in their collective mouths. After all, how can you now denounce and demonize somebody you were as recently as a few years ago singing the praises of?

Trump was confronted with that very question on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! and explained that as a businessman, you sometimes have to play nice with politicians of every stripe.

Then, without missing a beat, he pretty much admitted that when he was offering praise for Hillary, he was “full of s***.”

In a hilarious exchange with Kimmel, Trump engages in a lengthy explanation why he said positive things about Hillary. When he was finished, Kimmel joked “So you were full of s(bleep) when you said it.”

Trump responded, “a little bit.”

Check out the segment below …


Via CNN:

With Trump’s attempts to revive ’90’s-era Clinton scandals — and debunked conspiracy theories — dominating headlines this week, Kimmel brought up Trump quotes from 2008 and 2012 in which the billionaire said nice things about Hillary Clinton.

Trump, as he’s often done before, said that as a businessman it was smart to “speak well of everybody.”

“So when they ask me about Hillary, ‘She’s wonderful, her husband, everybody is wonderful,’ and that’s the way it is,” Trump said, recalling how he would answer questions in the media.

“So you were full of shit when you said this?” Kimmel said to big laughs and applause from the audience.

Kimmel also drew big laughs when he warmed up the crowd by referring to Trump as a “tangerine-tinted Godzilla” and “fire-breathing billionaire who incinerated all who opposed him to become his party’s presumptive nominee.”

Here is the rough transcript from the video above:

KIMMEL: “In 2008, you said you thought Hillary would make an excellent president. It was recently in 2012 you thought she was terrific. What did she do? What happened?”

TRUMP: “I’ll tell you. When I’m a businessman. I had a beautiful story recently where they said Trump is a world class businessman — all over the world were doing jobs — I speak well of everybody. If people ask me about politicians, I speak well. So when they ask me about Hillary, she’s wonderful — the husband — everybody is wonderful. And that’s the way it is. Including contributions. They ask me for contributions, I give them.”

KIMMEL: “So you were full of s(bleep) when you said it.”

TRUMP: “A little bit.”

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