Trump Approval Rating Higher Than Obama’s Was At Same Point in Presidency

Prepare to watch your liberal friends’ and family members’ collective heads explode.

Despite all of the negative media coverage, the constant bashing by Hollywood elites, and the never-ending witchhunt looking for Russian collusion in the 2016 election, President Trump’s approval ratings continue to rise.

Forty-eight percent of likely voters approve of President Trump’s job performance according to Rasmussen Reports, while 51 percent disapprove.

Sure, not stellar numbers by any stretch – yet – but still moving in an upward direction.

Rasmussen just announced that my approval rating jumped to 49%, a far better number than I had in winning the Election, and higher than certain “sacred cows.” Other Trump polls are way up also. So why does the media refuse to write this? Oh well, someday!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 3, 2018


In addition to the rising approval rating, Rasmussen also indicates that 42 percent of likely American voters believe the country is heading in the right direction, the highest such number since April of 2017.

Hmmm … I wonder what could be the cause of those rising approval numbers? Could it be those big, bad, armageddon-inducing tax cuts the Democrats warned us about?

With 3.5 million Americans receiving bonuses or other benefits from their employers as a result of TAX CUTS, 2018 is off to great start!
✅Unemployment rate at 4.1%.
✅Average earnings up 2.9% in the last year.
✅200,000 new American jobs.

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 2, 2018


No wonder they were so dead set against them – Democrats were worried they might actually lead to more Americans approving of his job performance.

Don’t believe us? Here’s former top adviser to Hillary Clinton, Philippe Reines, telling interns in Washington that he’s concerned millennials might start gravitating to the Republican side of things if they see their taxes go down.


It appears to be coming to fruition.

Worse news for liberals – Trump’s approval rating is above former President Obama’s at the same stage of his presidency. Meaning, despite everything being hurled at him, President Trump is still more popular than the media’s beloved Obama.

On the exact same date as the Rasmussen Report above, February 7th, Obama had a 44 percent approval rating compared to 56 percent who disapproved.

The media fawned all over Obama during his entire time in office, but even more so during his first few years in office when he had a supermajority in Congress. By contrast, a recent report indicates the media has only provided 5 percent positive coverage of Trump, hitting him with three times more negative coverage than they did for his predecessor.

Nevertheless, his numbers are higher. Nevertheless, he persisted.

Do you approve of President Trump’s job performance? Tell us your thoughts below!

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