Trump Ally Being Forced to Resign From School Board Over Anti-Obama Comments

A top ally of President-elect Donald Trump and former gubernatorial candidate in New York is being forced off the Buffalo school board after making incendiary comments about President Obama and the First Lady.

Carl Paladino was asked in a recent publication of ArtVoice what he would like to see happen in 2017. Rather than wishing for success of the Trump administration or even personal fulfillment, Paladino went on a bizarre screed about wanting to see the president die while his wife Michelle “return[s] to being a male” and goes off to live with wild gorillas.

Paladino, who serves on the Buffalo Board of Education, has now been told by fellow board members to resign within 24 hours or they will call the state in to have him removed.

Via the Guardian:

At a special meeting on Thursday, the Buffalo school board voted 6-2 for a resolution asking the state education commissioner to remove Paladino, the ninth member, if he did not resign within 24 hours. More than 70% of the district is non-white, according to the resolution.

The meeting was broadcast online. Some board members accused Paladino of acting like a bully and making remarks they would not tolerate from students.

“This level of hatred for African Americans cannot and should not set policy for the education of African American children,” said board member Paulette Woods.

Members of the audience stood up and cheered when the resolution was approved.

Paladino has said he never intended for those responses to be published, but they were nevertheless “inappropriate.”

He has said he will not resign, but if the state steps in his continued presence on the board looks bleak.

The Huffington Post writes:

In a statement released Thursday, he called the board’s resolution calling for his resignation “certainly not an illustration of a profile in courage or leadership” and said it was retaliation for his attempts to uncover corruption within their ranks. He added he would “fight to the end to continue to expose the corruption.”

Comment: Is Paladino being targeted because he exposes corruption and is a Trump ally, or were his comments simply too much for any reasonable person? Share your thoughts below.

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