Top legislators in the New Jersey State Assembly are mulling over articles of impeachment for Governor Chris Christie.

One Democrat committee chairman told reporters that there was a 50% chance they pursue impeachment for the key Donald Trump ally 360 total security herunterladen.

The new line of attack stems from the infamous “Bridgegate” scandal.

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Recent court proceedings for two of governor Christie’s former top aides shed new light on the scandal, which involved lane closures at the George Washington Bridge windows 7 on windows 10 for free. The closures were allegedly done as payback for a political rival failing to endorse Christie, and they were done without regard to public safety.

Prosecutors during the trial claimed they had proof that Christie knew about the lane closures while they were going on, something he previously denied herunterladen.

Via the New York Post:

Key members of the New Jersey Assembly are considering whether to seek the impeachment of Gov instagram foto's downloaden mac. Chris Christie over Bridgegate, according to a report.

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Some members of the Democrat-controlled Assembly believe testimony in the George Washington Bridge scandal trial suggests the Republican governor had knowledge of the infamous lane closures in Fort Lee as they were happening, NBC 4 New York reports downloaden videos kostenlos.

One committee chairman who declined to be named said “obstruction of justice” would be an obvious charge – and gave chances that the legislative body would pursue articles of impeachment at about 50-50, the report said herunterladen.

It would take a majority of the 80-member Assembly to vote articles of impeachment.

If it passes the Democrat-controlled body, the trial would be in the Senate, where two-thirds of senators would be needed to convict bs follow. Despite a Democrat majority, three Republican senators would still need to join them if all Democrats were to vote to convict.