Former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy responded to Adam Schiff and James Comey after the pair openly complained about the Justice Department dropping charges against Michael Flynn zykluskalender herunterladen.

Schiff, who has had a tough week with the Flynn charges and the Russia probe transcripts, was first up in Gowdy’s sights.

The House Intelligence Committee Chairman claimed – falsely – that Flynn had not been exonerated and suggested Attorney General Bill Barr was behind the “worst politicization of the Justice Department in its history.”

Longest Damn Year

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Gowdy, in an appearance with Fox News host Martha MacCallum, claimed that in contrast to Schiff’s delusional take, it was a “great day for Bill Barr” and a “lousy day for Jim Comey.”

Is Trump going to win in 2020?

“I would tell Adam to watch your show and listen in particular to the Jim Comey interview [in December 2018] where the head of the world’s premier law enforcement agency is bragging about what he wanted to get away with,” Gowdy said mp3 downloader kostenlos legal.

“I would tell him to go look at Peter Strzok and all of those texts,” he added. “If that’s the FBI that Adam Schiff wants for this country, an FBI head who wants to see what he can get away with, [who] sent an agent to interview Michael Flynn … because he wanted to.”

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He then mocked Schiff for wasting everybody’s time with the Russia probe which, transcripts have revealed, indicated that everybody from top to bottom knew there was no collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign in 2016 outlook für android herunterladen entfernen.

“I can tell you I was in that room for a year with [Eric] Swalwell and Schiff, and it was the longest damn year of my life,” he complained dji mavic air images. “Every witness would say the exact same thing.”

And what did they say? No evidence of collusion.

Every single time.

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Comey Beatdown trey gowdy james comey

Comey also drew Gowdy’s ire, with the former congressman blasting him as arrogant internetseiten zum musik downloaden.

Comey claimed that “the DOJ has lost its way” but that “the country is hungry for honest, competent leadership.”

Honesty and competence are two traits that were totally abandoned in the FBI during his own embarrassing tenure james bond movies.


Comey should “stay the hell in whatever woods he’s in on his Twitter profile,” Gowdy quipped, before suggesting he name his next book “How My Arrogance Ruined the Reputation of the World’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency.”

The Flynn miscarriage of justice and the failed Russia probe prove Schiff and Comey and any other Obama-era officials who took part in these scams to take down the President need to be investigated now windows 7 home premium 64 bit kostenlos.

The tables have turned.

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