DOOCY: “Trey Gowdy, who retired not long ago, had this reaction about the fallout from what happened over the weekend.”

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GOWDY: “The right to life is the most fundamental, basic, primary right that we have. It is the right from which all other rights emanate. It doesn’t matter if you have a right to a lawyer if you are dead. It doesn’t matter if you have the right to free speech if you are dead. It doesn’t matter if you have the right to keep and bear arms if you are dead. So on a personal level, I’m willing to subrogate any of my other rights to avoid another Sandy Hook, another Pulse nightclub, another day like we had yesterday. But I’m out of politics and I’m not going back. So the legislators need to look at the laws we have on the books, are they being enforced. Of the answer is yes. and we still have gaps in our laws that need to be fixed — keep in mind, you don’t have a single right for which there is not some corresponding responsibility or restriction. Every right you have has a restriction. So if we need more restrictions, then draw the causal scientific link between what you are proposing and what you hope to be the outcome. But just more laws that are not going to be enforced is a panacea and is not going to work. Show me a law to prevent the next Sandy Hook and sign me up as a husband and father. Show me the law and sign me up and I will give up any other right I have.”

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HEGSETH: “Passionate plea. There’s so many sides of all of these stories.”