Newly obtained audio tapes reveal President Trump complaining that the Obama administration’s efforts to spy on his campaign, had roles been reversed, would have amounted to ‘treason.’

Trump sat down with former deputy campaign manager David Bossie and former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski for their new book titled, Trump’s Enemies: How the Deep State Is Undermining the Presidency klingeltöne kostenlosen zedge.

In the recording, the President is asked whether or not he believed Barack Obama knew that John Brennan, CIA Chief at the time, and James Clapper, then-director of national intelligence, were conducting surveillance on members of his campaign rsync herunterladen.

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“Personally, I think he knew. Yeah. Just remember what they did,” he claimed.

“Let me put it this way,” he added shadow fight 3 herunterladen. “If the shoe were on the other foot, and the same thing happened to him, it would be treason and they’d be locked up for 100 years.”

Authors Suggest He May Be Right

Bossie and Lewandowski include author notes in their interview transcript with President Trump indicating he may very well be correct when he suggests Obama knew anstoss 2 gold download.

In September of 2017, investigative journalist Sharryl Attkisson reported that “U.S probleme beim herunterladen von whatsapp. intelligence agencies secretly surveilled at least a half-dozen Trump associates.”

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Months later, in what he described as “the most unbelievable scandal in the history of this country,” former U.S whatsapp spionage app download kostenlos. Attorney Joe DiGenova alleged that Brennan spearheaded a criminal plot that included Clapper and former FBI director James Comey.

The plot was designed to “suborn the presidency of the United States through the use of false evidence.”

Sources Say Obama Was There

Bossie and Lewandowski flesh out the players in the aforementioned operation, revealing they have documents pertaining to meetings between the FBI and top members of the Executive Branch discussing ‘Crossfire Hurricane,’ the code name for an investigation into Trump’s alleged campaign ties to Russia herunterladen.

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The authors suggest they have evidence demonstrating President Obama had first-hand knowledge of the illegal surveillance iphone videosen youtube.

“In most cases,” they write, “the names of all individuals who attended these meetings are listed and unredacted, with the exception of one.”

“We have several sources who have informed us that this redacted name is President Barack Obama. If these sources are correct, it would mean that Obama had direct knowledge of the surveillance on Donald Trump.

No Collusion

The entire ‘Crossfire Hurricane’ operation was designed to reveal ties between the Trump campaign and Russia, eventually becoming the catalyst for special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation.

“Obama … either implicitly or explicitly allow them to conduct surveillance on citizens of the United States on domestic soil—and not just any citizens, but members of the Trump campaign,” an excerpt from the book reads.

It backfired on two fronts.

First, President Trump believes the obvious abuse of power and American outrage at those abuses simply “makes my base stronger.”

And two, years later, Brennan, Clapper, Obama, and Mueller have all failed miserably to find any evidence of collusion.


“You guys know better than anybody that there’s no collusion,” Trump said during the interview.

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